Mattagami Lake & Minisinakwa River Walleye Fishing

Mattagami Lake and the Minisinakwa River are well known for having great Walleye fishing. There are many shoals, sandbars, weed-beds and other great structures, which are perfect habitat for large numbers of tasty Walleyes.

There are rivers running in-and-out of the lake with current running into deep holes and several waterfalls that can be boated to, which are also great areas to hold large populations of Walleyes, especially in the spring.

Walleyes in Mattagami Lake come in all sizes with many good eating sizes right up to trophy Walleye in the 10 to 12-pound range. The lake does have some deep areas going down to 300 feet. Many of the really large trophy Walleyes can be found suspended and feeding on schools of baitfish. Generally, fishing close to shore produces the greatest number of Walleyes.

Ontario Walleye Fishing Regulations:

· Limit: 4 Walleyes with a sport license. 2 Walleyes with a conservation license.
· Restrictions - Sport Lic.: Only one Walleye can be over 18.1 inches.
· Restrictions - Conservation Lic.: No Walleye can be over 18.1 inches.
· Provincial Fish Sanctuary: Some sections of the river are closed in the spring.
· Open Season: 3rd Sat. in May until Dec. 31