Mattagami Lake Smallmouth Bass Fishing

TwinJ Hide-A-Way is lucky to be located in an area of Mattagami Lake, which has the best Smallmouth Bass fishing. No other part of the lake has a population density of Smallmouth Bass like our secluded corner of the lake.

Our guests enjoy easy access to really exciting Smallmouth action. Not only do we have great numbers of bass; we have trophy Smallmouth reaching 6-pounds with a few a little bigger. Our Smallmouth Bass also fight harder and jump higher then bass we have seen in other lakes. Last year's biggest Smallmouth Bass that we know of was 6.25 pounds. Since many of our bass fishing guests promote catch-&-release, there may have been bigger fish caught.

The rivers, the mouths of the rivers, rocky shoals, weed-beds and rocky points all hold great populations of Smallmouth Bass. Our Smallmouth also taste great with many of our guests preferring to eat Smallmouth more then Walleye.

There is also good Smallmouth Bass fishing in the Minisinakwa River.

Smallmouth Bass Fishing Regulations:

· Limit: 6 bass with a sport license. 2 bass with a conservation license.
· Restrictions: No size restrictions
· Provincial Fish Sanctuary: Parts of the river are closed in the spring.
· Open Season: Open all year.