Mattagami Lake Perch Fishing

Yellow Perch are very common in Ontario and found in almost every lake. The interesting thing about Perch is the variations of sizes. In some lakes you never catch them over 4" while in other lakes they are common in the 10" to 12" range. Then there are some lakes that produce huge Perch over 13" and sometime over 14".

There are a number of factors that could explain this size difference in lakes such as genetics, fishing pressure, pressure from predation, availability of food and environmental factors of the lake. A lake needs the right conditions to grow big Perch. The big Perch over 12" are referred to by many as Jumbo Perch.

Mattagami Lake has great Perch fishing and even though they are most common in the 9" to 13" range customers do get a lot of bigger ones. Many of our guests love to eat Perch and prefer them over Walleye. If you go into the big weed beds where the water is 4' to 6' deep you can just fish straight down with small baits and catch many of them. Many of our guests catch the bigger Perch while Walleye fishing.

Ontario Perch Fishing Regulations:

· Limit: 50 with a sports licese
· Limit: 25 with a conservation licese
· Restrictions: No size restrictions
· Provincial Fish Sanctuary: Parts of the river are closed in the spring.
· Open Season: Open all year.