Nabakwasi River Outpost Cabin

Our outpost cabin is located 10 miles up the Nabakwasi River from our lodge and in the heart of some awesome fishing country, which is stuffed with Walleye and Northern Pike. The odd Smallmouth Bass can be caught but not as populated as the Walleye and Northerns.

Fishing Groups:

The outpost is only accessible by water and is available to fishing groups who want total seclusion and privacy. This area is rarely fished and proves to have outstanding fishing and well as some breathtaking scenery.

Please Note: After the photo was taken we added a 8 x 16 ft screened in porch.

Canoe Trippers:

Canoe trippers coming down the Nabakwasi River from Gogama can also rent the cabin.

Outpost Cabin Details:

· Outpost camp sleeps 6 people comfortably. If needed, there is room on the floor for more people or you can set up a tent.
· Propane refrigerator
· Propane lights
· Propane stove
· Running cold water (no shower)
· Couch, table & Chairs
· Cabin is 16 x 24 with a 8 x 16 ft screened in porch