Ontario Black Bear Hunting

We are lucky to be located near Gogama, Ontario, which is well known to be one of the best Black Bear hunting hotspots in all of Canada. Rifle, Bow and Black Powder (Muzzleloader) hunters are welcome to enjoy our prime Black Bear territory.

Our Black Bear Hunt is well organized and we limit the amount of hunters to ensure an extremely high success rate. Due to our food-rich environment,, Black Bears are plentiful and big. Black Bears are common in the 125 to 200-pound range. 500+ pound trophies have been harvested.

$1349 US Funds + Tax

Includes cottage, boat, motor, gas, transportation to and from bait site, active stand, skinning bear and freezing service. This price does not include Bear Hunting License or export fee.

We would be happy to answer all of your questions. If you wish, you may contact us at the following address:

Twin J Hide-a-way
Box 370
Gogama, Ontario, Canada
P0M 1W0

Toll Free: 1-(877) 445-4478
Phone: (705) 894-2495
Fax: (705) 894-3172
Email: twinjhideaway@gmail.com

FAQ & Bear Hunt Details:

What Accommodations Do You Offer For Black Bear Hunters: We offer housekeeping bear hunts.

How Many Feeding Stations: We have 30 locations.

How Far Apart Are The Feeding Stations: All active stands are kept at least 1 mile apart to keep bears from hitting more then 1 stand.

How Are The Feeding Stations Accessed: Our more popular stands are accessed by water as they are much more remote. We also have sites that we drive to.

Do You Have Tree Stands Or Do Guests Bring Their Own: We have permanent tree stands but encourage guests to bring their own if they wish, just in case they want to try and bring in their own bear at a new site. Some of our guests want to do everything on their own.

How Many Square Miles Is Your BMA: Our Bear Management Area is 78 square Miles or 122 square Kilometres of prime Black Bear habitat.

How Many Hunters Do You Take Per Year: We take a maximum of 15 hunters per year to ensure an extremely high success rate. Weekly groups should not exceed 6 hunters to ensure maximum service.

We only allow one party per week here at the camp. No matter what size that party is (1 to 6 hunters), they are the only guests to hunt that week. This allows us to spend all our time ensuring our guests have the most enjoyable and successful hunt.

What Days Does The Hunt Run To And From: Hunts run Saturday to Saturday. Normally you would not hunt on the last day so guests enjoy 6 full days of hunting and 7 nights of accommodations.

Can Black Bear Hunters Harvest A Wolf: Yes. Starting October first, Black Bear hunters can purchase a small game license and take a wolf. Wolves do show up at our bear feeding stations.

What Is The Landscape And Terrain Like: Our landscape is anything from having hills to climb and level ground with the odd stream to cross and areas of thicker bush.

Do You Have Easy Access To Stands For Seniors: The hunters physical ability will determine which stands are the best to hunt from. The most senior hunter at the camp was 86 years old and we accommodated him to ensure his comfort and success. He did harvest a really nice Black Bear.

Do You Help With Retrieval And Skinning: We do everything for the hunt. We do ask our guests for a little help getting the bear back to camp. Skinning, freezing, baiting and transportation to-and-from the tree stands is all taken care of for our guests.

When Do You Start Baiting: We start leaving food at the bait stations 2 months before the beginning of the hunt.

Do Guests Have To Hunt At Your Stands: Many of our hunters enjoy taking off into the bush and exploring the terrain. As long as the hunter stays within the boundaries of our BMA, they can hunt anywhere. We only allow one group at a time so you never have to worry about free roaming hunters affecting your success at our tree stands.