Canoe / Camping Trip - What To Bring List

Here are most of the items you will need to have a fun and safe camping trip.

· Fishing gear

· Tent
· Extra plastic tarp
· Light weight fold-up lawn chair (If you have room)
· Budgie Cords
· Pots, pans, dishes & cutlery
· Pot scrapper
· Locking Cooler with food and drink crystals
· Water container & iodine sterilization pills
· Portable propane hot-plate
· Extra mini propane containers

· Sleeping bag
· Pillow
· Clothes (For warm and cool weather)
· Garbage bags

· Ax
· Small hand saw
· Rope
· Hunting & Fillet knife · Flashlight & extra batteries (Candles just in case)
· Waterproof matches, lighters or propane blow-torch in case of very wet condtions

· Personal medications · Soap
· Toilet paper · Fabric softener sheets (keeps Animals away)
· First aid kit
· Sun tan lotion (SPF 15 or higher)
· Bug spay
· Mosquito coils

The one rule of camping is you can never have too many budgie cords, garbage bags or rope.