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Fishing: We are located on Mattagami Lake, which is well known in Ontario for having outstanding fishing for Walleye, Northern Pike and Smallmouth Bass. We also have easy access to the Minisinakwa River where the Walleye and Northern Pike fishing is just as good.

There are many other lakes in the area, which have excellent Lake Trout, Brook Trout, Splake, Walleye and Northern Pike fishing. These lakes can be easily accessed via a portage hike or with an ATV.

Whether your fishing for Walleye, Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass or Perch, the technique is what will get you your prize fish, and sometimes its just plain luck!!

In the early spring look to the shallows where there is warmer water, use spinners & jigs with a minnow for Walleye. For Northern Pike, use spoons or plugs and fish in the same places. In the summer, look a little deeper from 15-25 feet depending on the temp of the water. Use floating jigs, bottom bouncers with worm harnesses or jigs with a leech. Typically, the best conditions are a bit of a breeze and a little overcast, something mother nature doesn't always give us. Nothern Pike are usually found on the outside edges of the weed beds. In the fall use minnows and leeches. try fishing in 15-20 feet. they feed up on the humps and off of the plants and rocky bottom. These are a few techniques used by our customers Tom and Kevin, the proof is in the pics. Happy Fishing!!!

Wilderness Canoe Trips & Camping: We rent canoes and kayaks to canoe trippers as we are in the heart of Ontario's best backcountry Canoe routes. We are close to the Nabakwasi River Canoe Route, and the Circle 4 Canoe Route, which are all easily accessible right from our dock.

Adventure Activities: There are many family eco-activities all year round such as ATVing, hiking, swimming, bird watching, rock hounding, wildlife photography and much more.

Wilderness Cottages & Cabins: We have nice clean cottages at the lodge or you can stay in our outpost cabin on the Nabakwasi River. There are also lots of places to camp on Mattagami Lake as well as serviced and un-serviced RV and trailer sites right at the main lodge.

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